We, Filipinos, love to shop and there are a number of reasons why. Whether it’s with loved ones during important celebrations or replenishing household goods every payday, Filipinos have always had a penchant for buying what they need. Nothing is more Filipino than shopping, An affordable shopping, rather.

This year, Flexi Finance offers Quick Cash Loan to new and existing clients dedicated to providing Filipino families with affordable means of acquiring their necessities and other goodies they love to use such as appliances, gadgets, smart devices, and furniture. We will fund your wallet in advance so you can start your own dream business or whatever plans you have, we make it possible for you.

To better serve our customers, this time our new Cash Loan product has a maximum loanable amount of Php10,000 and Php20,000, for new and existing clients respectively.

Customers can choose from a variety of our flexible payment options including 6,9, and 12-month plans. Our aim is to let our customers shop for everything they need without hurting their pockets.

We offer easy, convenient, and quick loan applications because we want our customers to be able to apply for a loan responsibly even in the comfort of their homes! No need to go out or make in-person trips because we process your personal information and requirements for you at the click of a button at this link www.flexi.com.ph.

So what are you waiting for, Fund your Wallet in Advance with Flexi Finance and shop this weekend.