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Who we are

Flexi Finance Asia, Inc. was established in Cebu City, Philippines, in 2016, with the focus of providing reliable, affordable, and fair consumer financing to the Philippine market. Our products are designed to alleviate our customer’s financial worries, reward loyal clients, and remain competitive in the dynamic financing market. We aim to drive meaningful transactions and create an impact on our customer’s lives.

In the year 2017, we teamed up with the PROFIREAL Group, an international financial group with more than 20 years of experience in global financial markets and primarily operating in several countries in Europe like the Czech Republic, Poland, Russia, and Bulgaria. With this partnership, our management gained significant experience in Europe and Asia and we are proud to apply this knowledge in the Philippine context. This includes automating traditional forms of applying for personal loans and other similar services. We promise to create and deliver added value by constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and providing total financing solutions to our business partners and customers

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What we value

Everything Flexi Finance does, follows our internal values


Understanding the customer is the key prerequisite for us to deliver added value and customer satisfaction. We carefully listen to our customers,and discuss options and impact on the customer’s existing situation.

A focus on the customer is the basis for all our actions because this is the only way we know to how to do business.


To be able to build a long-term relationship, we and our customers have to be on the same page at any time. Our processes are built in a clear and concise manner where at any time all involved parties have an in-depth understanding about where we are and what will follow.


We in Flexi Finance do value our resources as much as our customer’s. Our experts constantly review our processes to ensure efficient delivery of services and we are constantly improving and optimizing our processes in order to improve our efficiency.

We are extremely happy when our innovations bring additional savings from  existing processes as it creates new space and resources for us how to give the customer additional value under the same conditions.


Not only for the cases when everything goes well is communication the key element of our approach. We live in a changing environment where everything can change even if we spend a lot of effort to manage it. We continue to learn and adapt and we believe that there is always space for improvement. We constantly invest into improving our communication processes using customer feedback as our compass.


Value means quality. We make no compromise when talking about quality. Our strategy, our management, our team, our specialists, our processes, and our actions are all about quality. To deliver value, for us, equals to deliver quality. We never do things just because others are doing it.

We make things that make sense and bring quality and more value to our customers.

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