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We value our employees and we are committed to improving their lives by creating comprehensive programs that support their mental and financial well-being.

We are committed to providing the best resources to our team so that they could help us grow our business.

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This program will grant ONE employee every quarter with cash assistance. The limited funding was donated by our sister companies in Europe. We aimed that this program will help qualified employees in rebuilding homes damaged by Typhoon Odette, pay medical bills for those that need medical care, those who want to further their education, or for other needs of employees that belong to the vulnerable groups. Vulnerable groups include disadvantaged children and women, people with disabilities.

The financial grants will be provided in a quarterly period. The approved grants will depend on the assessment of the application and are expected to commence implementation immediately. One employee, one grant per year.
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We’re not only flexible with our product, but we are also flexible with our working hours.
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A number of employees received their vaccines through Flexi’s partnerships with local government units and the Project Balik Buhay (PBB).

Project Balik Buhay is a public-private partnership working upon the request of OPAV, IATF-Visayas, and DOH-7 to assist the Government’s National Vaccination Program with the common goal to help and support the government in achieving a safe, fast and successful deployment of the National Vaccination Program in Cebu and the Visayas.
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