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On this very first day of May, we celebrate labor day. Also known as the celebration for laborers in the Philippines.

According to, the first Labor day was celebrated on May 1, 1903, when more than a hundred thousand workers were organized by the first labor union called Union Obrero Democratia de Filipinas (UODF) to march from Plaza Moriones in Tondo to Malacanang and demand the then American-led government for fairer working conditions.

Labor Day is both a celebration and a commemoration dedicated for all the workers and their fight for equal and stable working conditions as well as various job opportunities that can potentially become careers. Through efforts like the ICT Office’s RIS program, every hardworking individual, regardless where they are situated, is able to get a job and provide for their respective families.

Do you have friends or families who are working? Let’s not forget thanking them this day.

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