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Join us as we celebrate the International Day of Sports. We use sports as a way for us to be physically fit and have a strong sense of coordination while having fun. On this celebration, International Day of Sport promotes healthy lifestyles.

Sport encourages:

  • Individual development.
  • Health promotion and disease prevention.
  • The promotion of gender equality.
  • Social integration and the development of social capital.
  • Peace building and conflict prevention/resolution.
  • Post-disaster/trauma relief and normalisation of life.
  • Economic development.
  • Communication and social mobilisation.


April 6 was declared as the International day of Sport for Development and Peace by United Nations and has been celebrated each year since 2014.

Here are a few details of the UN’s Resolution:

  1. Decides to proclaim 6 April as the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace;
  2. Invites States, the United Nations system and in particular the United Nations Office on Sport for Development and Peace, relevant international organizations, and international, regional and national sports organizations, civil society, including non-governmental organizations and the private sector, and all other relevant stakeholders to cooperate, observe and raise awareness of the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace;
  3. Stresses that the costs of all activities that may arise from the implementation of the present resolution should be met from voluntary contributions, subject to the availability and provision of voluntary contributions for this specific purpose;
  4. Requests the Secretary-General to include in his report to be submitted to the General Assembly at its seventy-first session under the item entitled “Sport for development and peace”, a summary of the implementation of the present resolution, elaborating, inter alia, on the evaluation of the International Day of Sport for Development and Peace;
  5. Also requests the Secretary-General to bring the present resolution to the attention of Member States and the organizations of the United Nations system.

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