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    PHP 8,000.00

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    Purchase your product with Flexi Finance in a very simple way.

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    All you need is downpayment

    Select the downpayment that fits your budget.

    Pay the rest based on your budget

    Repay us in small monthly installments.

    Who we are

    Flexi Finance Asia, Inc. is a member of a global financial family operating in several countries in Europe like the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Russia, and Bulgaria.

    Flexi Finance Asia, Inc., upon entering the Philippine market, established its main headquarters in Cebu City in 2016 and quickly expanded to other parts of the country with the focus of providing accessible, affordable, and fair consumer financing.

    In 2017, Flexi Finance partnered with The Profireal Group, which boosted our development in the Filipino market. Our management gained vast experience in Europe and Asia and is proud to apply this knowledge in the Philippines. The company promises to create and deliver added value by constantly pushing the boundaries of innovation and providing total financing solutions to its business partners and customers.

    What we believe in

    Everything Flexi Finance does, strictly follows our internal values.

    • Focus
    • Transparency
    • Efficiency
    • Communication
    • Quality
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    Joshua from Flexi was very helpful and responsive. He explained me everything what I needed so I left the store with my new phone very quickly.

    JeromeSM City, Cebu

    Initially I was thinking about paying cash for a notebook but thanks to Nicole from Flexi I could put some money aside for my kids education and repay just a small part via monthly instalment.

    AngelineAyala Centrio Mall, Cagayan De Oro

    I always wanted to buy a big Smart TV for our family but it was so expensive. Thanks to Christine’s advice I realized I could get it via affordable monthly repayment.

    KennethVictory Mall, Caloocan City

    Stephanie was so quick to process my application for low-instalment Flexi loan so I left with my new tablet in 30 minutes.

    JasmineTutuban Commercial Center, Metro Manila


    We are here for you from Monday till Friday (09:00 till 17:00)

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    NRA, Mabolo, Cebu City

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